Monday, January 10, 2011

sirih-sirihan snack recipe

Last weekend, my family was invited to come to our family friend's villa at Tapos.  Truly a beautiful eco friendly villa.  We were served plenty of interesting foods.  The most interesting of them all was this little snack you wrap using popohan leaves.  They are soooooo delicious!!! Here are the ingredients...

1. Dried small fish cracker
2. Shaved coconuts, heated on a pan until the edges are browned
3. Dried Shrimp (heated on pan)
4. Onions chopped into little pieces
5. Peanuts (roasted)
6. Young ginger, cut into little pieces
7. Chili paste: chili + tamarind juice + shrimp paste + brown sugar (Gula Merah) then cooked until thickened
8. Cut fresh chili
9. lime cut into small pieces and lemongrass cut into small pieces

The leaves are called popohan, they're readily available in Indonesian supermarkets :).  Can't think of a substitute, though :) wrap all the ingredients into the leave and eat :)! Enjoy!!!


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