Tuesday, January 4, 2011

one handle bag

I know, my bag's name is totally uncreative :D.  My sister came to me a few days ago and started rummaging through my fabric collections.  She chose her two fabrics and asked me to make her this bag.  She didn't want something big, so the bag isn't too big.  Although, if you want it bigger, you can always enlarge it.  I'm not too good of an illustrator when it comes to drawing instructions...so I hope it's clear enough :).  Enjoy the tuto and bag.  Do let me know if you're unclear about the steps :D hehehehe.  Here's the link to the tuto and pattern

The bag, modeled by lil misfit



  1. She looks so supercute!! (Your daughter, but the bag is also very nice!)

    happy new year!


  2. fabricnya lucu bgt nih.. jgn smp aku dtg ke rmh mbak lia. aku obrak abrik kainnya :D hehe.. btw lil misfit lucuuunyahh!

  3. naaaaah yang kuning oke nihhh untuk orderan guee *teteup :P

  4. What a fantastic model! She's just too cute ;-)
    I love he fabrics your sister picked... I know I'd love going through your stash too ;-)

  5. Thanks for all the fantastic projects and tutorials!! I have one uestion though.. Sorry I am a very beginner sewer... so please dont be offended or discouraged.. I am going to make this bag for my 2 year old garnaddaughter and was wondering when do I turn the fabric rightside out after sewing it on the wrong sides? Thank you so very much for yor help.. :O) Nancy


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