Saturday, January 29, 2011

last day of stencil screen printing

what a day....I woke up around 6 am and found lil misfit a bit heart sank :(...she's down with fever...arghghghghgh but no other symptoms, most probably the 5 days fever virus again :'(!  So I was late to our last class, but luckily, it hasn't started yet.  

We learned swiss repeat today and it was so very interesting and definitely something I will definitely try in the future :)...but I'll most probably using autoCAD instead of cutting and pasting hands are sore from drawing, copying, cutting all those d*#n little flowers and triangles, and pressing the squeegee up and down.  I decided not to make the circle on the that it's done, I kinda regret it...ow least this time around, my pattern is not as horrifying as my first attempt last week :D.  

I definitely love the class and would recommend anyone interested in stencil screen printing to sign up :)...It was so fun and didn't even realize we were 1 hour behind schedule by the time we were done.  10.30am -5.00pm felt like an hour (literally).  I wanted to take more pictures but was too occupied to do anything else.  Lara was an excellent teacher and a lovely person.  Thank you for the insight and lesson...I had fun :)

the stencil, during and after exacto knife and cutter...phew
my fabric (on the left), beautiful fabrics by other students (on the right)
see here for more pictures
my painstaking stencil
unpleasant looking me last week, doing my unpleasant print :p, the picture
was taken by harvest textile



  1. I love the fabric that you made, it is very nice.
    I would like to take a class like the one that you took, but no chances here in Florence!

  2. You've been busy!! but what great experience you have there! Wish someday I have the chance to do the same.

  3. When are u coming back?

    And here's a new year's resolution for you... No more talk of how "unpleasant" u look... I don't care if u look like crap... NO MORE!!! You promised!

  4. sama kaya mbak amesh: IRI!

  5. He he he, samain aja kaya Puri & Amesh
    Btw, thread spools nya masih ada ga ? I'm hungry for more :)

  6. wwooowwwww......envy envy envy!!!!!

    baydewei..bolehkah bertanya dimana mendapatkan jepitan ponyo yang muncul di head webnya? sukaa sekali ponyoo...mauuu :)


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