Wednesday, January 12, 2011

brisbane's flood :'(

This morning...I woke up to a horrifying picture...It's a picture of the gas station I used to fill gas while we're in Brisbane, Australia.  I asked my friend....where's that?? is that somewhere in Toowoomba?? or Ipswich?? but NO, the flooded gas station is the gas station down the road from our house :'(...I've been trying to call the tenants currently renting the house but to no avail.  My house is high on a hilly road, so I'm really crossing my fingers it does not get damaged nor flooded :(.  I wish there's something I could do for you, Brisbane!  The worst is yet to come :(.  The iconic restaurant "Oxley" is now gone!  I used to pass that place all the time...I just can't believe it's gone!  More news on Brisbane: Let's pray for them.  These pictures were taken by my friend, Djuli this morning.

Supermarket Racks

The Gas Station at Gailey Rd!



  1. OH MY GOD! I hope everything will turn out ok for these people and that the damages will be restored as soon as possible! It's a tragedy to face this kind of situation!

  2. hope everyone is ok ya.. udah kayak jakarta aja ya li?

  3. Oh boy, i hope all is well with your tenant and house. Kok bisa ya? if anything you will be more concerned with your house flooding in jakarta not brisbane. tabah...tabah...

  4. Sedih liatnya. Soalnya aku dulu kuliah di Brisbane & blom pernah ngeliat yg kaya gini... :(


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