Monday, May 31, 2010

baking supplies

the other day, my friend came over to show me her long awaited package.  She ordered these beautiful baking supplies online called bake it pretty...I forgot the link of the shop, but I'll ask her later.  Look at these goodies :) oooo and she gave me one of those heart shaper fried egg *grins*... now, I'm waiting for her to bake me some goodies :p

Sunday, May 30, 2010

my gocco cards in hang zhou, china

yes...I've sent a few of my gocco cards to my best friend who is currently living in China and she requested me to send her some for her to try and sell there HAHAHAHAHA....I never thought she'd sell any!  But, so far she has sold 6...not bad :)  I'm just happy someone would ACTUALLY want to buy my card :).  These are some of the pictures she took for me at her little cute shop :).

If you're in Hang Zhou, visit her shop at
InCity 588 Gudun Road - 1st Floor, Hang Zhou.

Indonesia's stockist (for jewelries): Helen Shiang

Look at that little framed explanation she made for her prospective made me laugh... :D

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

heh??? i'm a winner...

wow...I won something again :)...I love winning things..this happened by chance! :D...I first knew about satsumapress while I was browsing the many wonderful blogs out there, probably when li'l misfit was born and one day I was reading her article about her son, Liam and the need to build a new bathroom for his birthday.  Her story touched me...So, I bought some raffle tickets to help Liam.  I never expected to win anything...but this morning, I got Lynn's email :) and I won striped grograin ribbon sash and matching rosebud hair pins from heart of light.  Lucky me :)

picture: courtesy of  heart of light

Monday, May 24, 2010

shirt dress take 2

I have this busy fabric I bought from my friend's factory and I was making a sample for our first bazaar...I still hate making shirt dresses...this one is from a Japanese's still very tedious and since I had no stabilizer, I ended up using canvas grade muslin fabric for the button holes and buttons hard to sew!  Drove me nuts

Purdue vs Notre Dame

There was a National Geographic magazine in our Maldives' boat...and there...Purdue's roach won against Notre Dame! yay!!! Purdue being my alma mater and ND my husband's...we're forever rivals :)

unfinished project...

I first thought of the idea after seeing ni[D] from bloesem and I was totally mesmerized by her creations...they are soooo I thought of making one myself...and a few months later....this is all I got :( and I don't really know what to do with it :D

wedding rings pillow

I offered Chia to crochet a wedding rings pillow for her best friend's wedding in July.  She will make the pillow from silk...and I've finally done with it...I'll take another picture when Chia is done with the whole thing :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

wonderland lights

I'm so in love with these lamps, Darija of wonderland light made...They're so romantic and surreal :) and plus...those children dresses are totally adorable! Don't you think so???

Saturday, May 15, 2010

swimming with the sharks...

last night we went for a night dive at Mayaa Thila...we were there to see sharks feeding (the first 2 pictures).  They weren't that big, hence not too scary :).  The sharks were sometimes in a group of 3 to 4.  It was quite a scene.  I don't do any dives today, due to diarrhea :( but hopefully, tomorrow I'll be able to join them again.  At today's dawn dive, my friend met this big shark and took some nice shot of it.  These pictures were taken by my friend, a great photographer, Kay Burn Lim

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


by the sea...watching the sun sets...diving with the underwater creatures and just enjoying the moment...I'd consider it a Mother's day gift for my mom and I ;)...just the two of us :) while my wonderful husband takes care of the misfits whom I miss so very dearly :D...These pictures were taken by my Mom

Monday, May 10, 2010

featured on burdastyle

yay :) the mother-daughters dresses is featured on burdastyle :)

tutorial: simple lined pouch

Why didn't I think of this idea before...this is exactly like making a book cover but instead of a book cover, I made the pocket deeper, hence making it into a pouch :) quite fun!

1. You need a piece of lining, the same length as your outer fabric.  You can use just 1 type of fabric, I've combined 3 fabrics for this pouch...the screen printed fabric is for the body where the flap closes whilst the blue japanese fabric is for the back and the flap of the pouch.  The honeycomb blue is used for the lining

2. Stitch the front fabrics together (right sides together), then top stitch on the right side

3. Make the button catcher using approximately 3cm x 5cm of fabric (depending on the size of your button), fold then stitch the catcher then pin it upside down on the edge of the flap

4. Right sides together, stitch the bottom edge of the fabrics

5. Turn right side out and top stitch the edge of the pouch

6. Sandwich the pouch (this is how deep your pouch is going to be), it will be like a letter M then stitch all the 3 sides leaving a gap where the flap is going to be for turning

7. Top stitch the flap and you're done

Friday, May 7, 2010

jicc bazaar

I went to JICC bazaar yesterday.  They were almost closing and I had to pay IDR 50,000! Which I think was overpriced for Indonesian standard :)...well, their target market was expatriate living in Jakarta, hence USD 4 was nothing for them :)...There were some interesting stands but still...IDR 50,000??? Even the biggest and most anticipated fairs in Jakarta don't usually cost that much :).  Nevertheless, I bought a Mickey Mouse cake mold and a Mickey Mouse egg cutter...Last night, I gave Big Misfit the Mickey egg and she just stared in awe...and refused to eat it HAHAHAHAHA

clockwise from top left: tulisan, kiddo bento(facebook) box accessories by a shop at MoI, Sylver Paige (facebook), and I totally couldn't find my name card on the last baby shop

clockwise from left: I believe it's by the Group of the deaf people, berries, Canvas I believe is the name of the last shop...they sell them at toi moi in Kemang

happy mother's day to me and all moms

today, misfits' school held a mother's day performance and we were asked to wear matching outfits (similar color or similar design).  I decided to make ruffled dresses for the misfits and for myself.  I used the pattern from children's style book and simple style dress and added an extra ruffle for the children in the middle and followed the same design like the children's dress on my ruffled dress :).  I used size 80 for little M and added about 1cm extra for the neck and used a size 90 for Big M.

I originally made a size 110 for big M and that was way too big for her, so last night I decided to sew a size 80 for little M and gave little M's dress for Big M :).  It only took me 1 hour !! mine was done in about 1.5 hours...not bad, I must say...I was so scared when I was about to try my dress...I was scared it was going to be hideous...but it wasn't as bad as I thought :D.  I used a beautiful discounted linen I bought yesterday...and I'm planning to buy some more...the fabric is absolutely beautiful!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

i am in awe...

with a fellow Indonesian blogger...her name is Lia too :)...and she lives in Jakarta...I really don't know how she does this...I don't think I could ever make one...Here's her blog link...enjoy!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

printed male kokeshi

well, I'm not fully happy with how the kokeshi turned out...but...these will be cut into little panels and turned into....mmm...zippered pouches?? we'll see :).  I am now erasing that print and modify it a bit :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

tutorial: burning image to your screen (for screen printing)

EUREKA!!!! IT FINALLY WORKED!!!!!! O...MY...GOD...I'm so very excited :)...this is what I did to make it work...

1. In a dimly lit room, if possible put the light source as far away from you as possible, cover your screen with emulsifier, then you let the screen dry (this was the missing link!!!! we put the image straight away when the screen was still wet with emulsifier- BIG BIG MISTAKE!!!)

2. Put a piece of black cloth/felt underneath the frame, then put the frame on top of the black cloth, put your image then cover with glass...after that, you just expose the whole thing using 100w bulbs, place it around 24cm away from your frame for 15 minutes

3.  Quickly rinse using high pressure hose and voila...ARGHGHGHGHHG it's perfect :)

i've finally got you...

after a long peek at amazon japan...and even after actually trying to buy them online (but my card got declined for security reason)...these wonderful books are finally here...and I got them from kinokuniya last night :)...I need to make matching outfits for the misfits' mother's day event on Friday..maybe the ruffled dress would be nice for us...maybe...

featureistic monday

i can't tell how happy i felt yesterday...when I saw myself featured on bkids' mom story.  I felt like telling the whole world...instead, I told all of my friends and relatives :D.  I feel honored and happy :)...thanks, makes me want to go forward and create more :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

help vote for chia :D

my very dear friend is today's finalist...and you can help vote for her at the ongoing competition at madebyrae!!  Help me vote for her :D.  She's an amazing seamstress and an amazing friend.  Her top is called sweet top by chia and you can vote for 1 day only by clicking on her name on the right.  And on the same note, my other friend, whom I met through the blogging world also got chosen as a finalist...she's also an amazing seamstress and knitter!  Hers is hokidoki simplicity 2601...good luck, friends!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

treasures found at cipadu

I got myself a sheer rabbity fabric ( I love the print), a japanese print canvas-like material, finally found fabric thread-dots cotton (don't really what you'd call the material), yellow and blue linens, pale pink stiff mix cotton, canvas waffle like material, and this off white textured material...I love them all...and they're

Saturday, May 1, 2010

what made me smile this afternoon..

after a fun day of fabric shopping at Cipadu...and a delicious treat from my sewing friend, Diana....I came home to this wonderful parcel, sent by Fiona of table calender...I was ecstatic....THANKS, FI!!!!!!!!


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