Thursday, January 31, 2008

our little star

I am so happy with the result we got from Amore Baby Portraits located at Dharmawangsa Square. It was not easy, but the photographer was able to take some very good shots of Emma and us :). I like the studio and the owner/photographer was very patience with little babies :D and plus...since Em was so cranky after a few shots on her first session, we were asked to return for a second session :D - Amore baby portraits at Dharmawangsa Square Ground Level, ph: 72780763

last weekend

Last weekend we (Emma and I) met up with the Kandiawans and had lunch at Senayan City. I took some pictures of Emma with Hugh :D so cute, the two of them :D...Hugh is such a happy baby :D. So, Huey, when are you taking Hugh for a swim at my apartment? :D

O..and by the way..Emma LOVES the supermarket's trolley hahahaha and she almost grabbed a stack of glass bowls while I was looking away! dangerous....

another one done!

well....I'm not exactly too happy with my supposedly "cactus"'s a bit of a mess :D and not too cute...that's why it took me a while to finish it, coz I was a bit confused with its bottom part :|...ow well...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

my first amigurumi

I can't believe it myself...but here it is!!! My very first FINISHED handcraft amigurumi doll made by crochetting and didn't take too long to finish as well...I'm on my second project now :) so happy!

emma went swimming

Last Sunday, I finally took Emma for a quick swim :)..She loved it :) hihihi

Saturday, January 5, 2008

em's first trip to puncak

The big family went to puncak on the 28th and came back to Jakarta in the early morning of the 31st.  Em loved it there...the weather was nice and cool....the only problem was, she wasn't feeling too well, I think it was the beginning of her flu! :( and became a little cranky...but overall, she was a good girl.  She went up with mom, dad and the nanny...while my sisters and us went to Bandung to attend my best friend's wedding and met them up in Puncak on the 28th.  Thank God for the nanny...I didn't even pack any of Em's stuff :D...I put some aloe vera on her head (fingers cross).  My aunties brought their grandchildren along...can't wait until the day Em can play with her cousins :) 

confession of a game-o-holic

I hate playstation games and all other similar games, until I'm addicted to one myself! :|.  When I was still in Uni, I got addicted to Virtua Tennis after trying it at a friend's house and decided to buy a DreamCast, which I then abandoned not long after I got bored of Virtua Tennis.  Then, while I was pregnant with Emma, Francis bought me Wii so that I could play it in Australia, in the end, Jessica and Francis were the ones who actually played it...then it got BROKEN at my parents' home (Dad became addicted to Wii Sports) due to lightning :(...and just last weekend, I tried Jessica's psp, and I was playing this game called Diner's addictive!!! So, I decided to buy one :) and been addicted playing it ever since!  There's this SUPER cute game called Loco Roco and Lemmings...Sooooooo addictive....I slept at 3:30am last night...not because of Emma, but because of those damn little Lemmings!
Loco Roco is the cutest of them has happy catchy songs and the characters are EXTREMELY kawaii :D...and what I like about it is the fact that I could never go wrong playing it :) i.e. I always win no matter what hahahahaha (I hate stressful games).

2 and 3 years anniversary

Yesterday, as we came out of the theatre after watching The Golden Compass (which by the way is a good movie), Francis got an sms from her aunt wishing us a happy anniversary.  We were so dumbstruck as we both didn't even remember yesterday was our 2 or 3 years anniversary (2 years from the day we had our wedding reception and 3 years 1 month from the day we got married in Australia).  And, marrying you, my dear, was the best decision I've ever made in my life.

happy 6th month :)

Baby Em is now 6 months old! How time flies :).  As I was looking at her newborn pictures, I was amazed at how different she looked and how small she was.  She used to have such thick black longer now :(...I guess her head grew bigger but her hair won't grow more :) hence the BOTAK head :) hahahahaha.  She was only sleeping and eating just a few months ago...and now, she's a happy, active baby!  She could lift her body up high, can try to reach for her parents and nanny when carried by others, she's also starting to recognize people and hate sudden crowd :|. She could crawl just about everywhere she wishes, has one tooth and teething just about everywhere else *headache!* and is being potty trained :).  I love you, babe!


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