Saturday, January 5, 2008

em's first trip to puncak

The big family went to puncak on the 28th and came back to Jakarta in the early morning of the 31st.  Em loved it there...the weather was nice and cool....the only problem was, she wasn't feeling too well, I think it was the beginning of her flu! :( and became a little cranky...but overall, she was a good girl.  She went up with mom, dad and the nanny...while my sisters and us went to Bandung to attend my best friend's wedding and met them up in Puncak on the 28th.  Thank God for the nanny...I didn't even pack any of Em's stuff :D...I put some aloe vera on her head (fingers cross).  My aunties brought their grandchildren along...can't wait until the day Em can play with her cousins :) 

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