Saturday, January 5, 2008

confession of a game-o-holic

I hate playstation games and all other similar games, until I'm addicted to one myself! :|.  When I was still in Uni, I got addicted to Virtua Tennis after trying it at a friend's house and decided to buy a DreamCast, which I then abandoned not long after I got bored of Virtua Tennis.  Then, while I was pregnant with Emma, Francis bought me Wii so that I could play it in Australia, in the end, Jessica and Francis were the ones who actually played it...then it got BROKEN at my parents' home (Dad became addicted to Wii Sports) due to lightning :(...and just last weekend, I tried Jessica's psp, and I was playing this game called Diner's addictive!!! So, I decided to buy one :) and been addicted playing it ever since!  There's this SUPER cute game called Loco Roco and Lemmings...Sooooooo addictive....I slept at 3:30am last night...not because of Emma, but because of those damn little Lemmings!
Loco Roco is the cutest of them has happy catchy songs and the characters are EXTREMELY kawaii :D...and what I like about it is the fact that I could never go wrong playing it :) i.e. I always win no matter what hahahahaha (I hate stressful games).

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