Tuesday, May 4, 2010

tutorial: burning image to your screen (for screen printing)

EUREKA!!!! IT FINALLY WORKED!!!!!! O...MY...GOD...I'm so very excited :)...this is what I did to make it work...

1. In a dimly lit room, if possible put the light source as far away from you as possible, cover your screen with emulsifier, then you let the screen dry (this was the missing link!!!! we put the image straight away when the screen was still wet with emulsifier- BIG BIG MISTAKE!!!)

2. Put a piece of black cloth/felt underneath the frame, then put the frame on top of the black cloth, put your image then cover with glass...after that, you just expose the whole thing using 100w bulbs, place it around 24cm away from your frame for 15 minutes

3.  Quickly rinse using high pressure hose and voila...ARGHGHGHGHHG it's perfect :)


  1. haha...finally...
    pasti jengkel banget nggak jadi-jadi, akhirnya plong juga,hehe....


  2. am so happy you figured it all out! I can't wait to see the printed result ;-))

  3. wahhh senangnya mindahin sendiri, aku belum pernah nyobain nih.. jadi semangat nyoba sendiri juga..:)

  4. wow, that's terrific! I'm going to try alternatives to the gocco..I have one but since my supplies are dwindling I loathe to use it. Congrats on the BK feature by the way..I enjoying reading it!

  5. Hasilnya kerrenn...looked unique! Thanks for sharing the tute, mbak...mudah2an ada waktu buat aku nyobain ;)


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