Saturday, March 6, 2010

tutorial: covered buttons

I used to go around Jakarta, looking for a covered button tool, and they all said the same thing...I have to buy one of those big-heavy-steel-industrial grade tool.  Not realizing that I have this nifty little plastic tool I bought awhile ago in Singapore at a Bernina dealer's shop called Motivac at Grandlink Square.  I use the plastic tool using my own covered button tins that I bought in jakarta (not ones they supplied with the tool) and they're about the same size...and though a bit different in style, the plastic tool works on them perfectly....

1. You can use any other brands, I bought similar thing from Birch at Spotlight.  And yes, they have various sizes :) (and you need to buy one for every size you have)

2. These are the tools I use....Do you see that empty spool?  It is just the perfect size for the 22mm circle :)...I use the spool to draw circles (a 1000m gutterman thread spool)

3. Circle all the scraps you like.  I like to make sure the interesting print stays in the middle of the circle so we get to use the nice print for the button

4. Put the circle scrap on top of the plastic "bottom" (wrong side up) then put the button on top of the fabric 

5. Push in the button all the way so the fabric will scrunch in

6. Install the cover (can be plastic can be the same material as the button) and push

7. Put the plastic "pusher" on top of the cover with the hollow part facing down and start hammering it down until the cover fully submerged

8. Et voila...your cute little covered button :)


  1. thanks!
    i saved it on my favorites
    so simple- thanks again!!

  2. can we find that button kit here? *drooling*

  3. glad you're back. I used to watch my mom cover her buttons for the clothing she used to make and I always thought it was so cool. I need to get on it! :-)

  4. hi, sorry may i know where did u get the tools n everything?

  5. @Sibebo : aku pernah nemu button kit-nya di Mayestik. Cuma gak di pack bagus kaya' punya-nya Lia .. hehee ...

  6. Cute! My dad used to use this heavy, industrial-looking contraption to cover buttons for cushions he made for the wicker furniture in his shop and I often helped him make them. I prefer this smaller approach to making them - makes for easier storage, lol. Thanks for sharing!

  7. bagus banget jadinya. kayaknya gampang pake alat ini..jadi pengen punya :)

  8. bisa tolong beliin kit-nya gak sis? ntar aku transfer aja duitnya.. kayak dijual lagi aja gitu..;)) soalnya kalo cuma buat hobby beli mesin kancing yg gede2 berat amat.. ditunggu jawabannya ya sis hehe.. thx

  9. hai mbak...Sy Dina, dah lama liat2 blognya br ini mau comment..nanya tepatnya..aku punya alat ini tp blm nyoba...perlu pake lem lg gak ya..biar kencang..trus..kalau "sarang" kancingnya bs pake yg produk lokal gak ya untuk alat ini...Thanks

  10. Hello. I happen to live in Jakarta, and I cannot find those button covers anywhere! Do you know where I might be able to find them? I am really excited to start working on this project. If you can help, thank you very much. :)

    Please reply ASAP,
    Random Crafter

    1. hello...found this on facebook :

      hope it's help


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