Tuesday, March 9, 2010

artists' show

I had the fortune to attend my sister's best friend's little art exhibition.  We just came uninvited :).  The exhibition displayed some of Indonesia's talented artists and Mr. F forgot to bring a proper camera, so I used my mobile instead...excuse the poor quality :).

This is the artist with one of her beautiful painting....Ms. Rubianti

One of her painting..Gouache pencil on paper titled "The Living" (correct me if I'm wrong, Rub)

and another one also Gouache pencil on paper titled "The Good Copy"

and this is her sculpture, I believe it's bronze, I forgot to take picture of the title :)

These paintings are done by Semuun Suparno, I find them quite interesting as well :), they're acrylic on canvas

I love this set titled "Purity" done on Resin by Maya Suharnoko

And Saw these cute porcelain sculpts by Tina Sutanto, these are made from Resin

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