Wednesday, March 24, 2010

my fabric print :D

After browsing here, there and everywhere, I've finally had the courage to try freezer paper fabric print.  I used the tutorial given by How About Orange and for my firsts, they turned out okay :), with a little bleed here and there and I also lost an eye for the bunny :p...ow well

After I heated up the drawings with my hair dryer, I peeled off the freezer paper.  I must say, I am impressed and amazed with those simple freezer papers!!!!

The yellow didn't turn out well and the red bled a little but for my first, I'm HAPPY :)

The bunny bled a little more and it is now being washed, hopefully the red blotch will disappear...this was printed on a muslin fabric, which I think absorbs all of those paints hence a bit uneven, then again I was a bit stingy with the paint :p

Here they are together, side by side :)


  1. The bunny is so cute :-)
    Did you have a template?

  2. THat looks like fun, and I like the result :)

  3. beli dimana itu freezer papernya? ako maoooo..

  4. Iya mbak freezer papernya beli dmn?? Trs cetnya apa? Pengen buat juga nih :)
    Thanks for sharing yah mbak...


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