Monday, March 15, 2010

my mommy dearest's works are also featured

in a new local magazine which was given out during The Deep Indonesia exhibition yesterday.  We're so proud of you...well done!  She used to complain how incompetent she is compared to others and she used to be very shy of her pictures but she always strives to be better...I guess this is a little acknowledgment of all her hard works...My mom has always been my good friend, a wise and understanding person and someone I can talk about my troubles and worries.  Someone who's passionate about diving, rare orchids and cooking excellent foods for us :).  Both of my parents have always been very supportive of our decisions in life and I thank them for that.


  1. Wow Lia, your mom is so talented. Great photography

  2. Lia ... mama-mu cool bangeeet ... keren !!

  3. Waahhh Sukme kereeen :) two thumbs up :)


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