Saturday, March 13, 2010

menu: asparagus with egg whites

You see, I have this WONDERFUL aunty who makes THE BEST pempek, tekwan and all things Palembang food in the whole world and she also bakes indonesian layered cake (looks like baumkuchen but fatter), surabaya layered cake and carrot cake.  Naturally, she has lots of egg whites lying around her house and this is what she does with her egg whites:
  • Put the eggs into little clear plastic bags, then tie it off
  • Drop it in a large pan with tap water
  • Boil these egg whites until they surface
  • You get little packets of cooked egg whites ready to be cooked to anything you want
So, what I did with mine today was cooked it with asparagus for dinner...I am no cook, but I can at least cook this :).  These are some of the ingredients I used:

about 6 sticks of asparagus, discarded the hard part on the bottom
2-3 pieces of shallots
2 garlic cloves
some chillies

Heat up some olive oil, put in the shallots and cook until slightly yellow, then put in the garlic and chillies then put in the asparagus, put a bit of chicken stock powder and a bit of fish sauce then put in the egg whites then you're done :).  Instead of using asparagus, you can use bean sprouts, long beans, paprikas, and many others.

I was also watching Asian Food Channel the other day and been drooling this beef stew, so I though I'd make one for the beef was my diet menu for tonight :)  Mr. Hubby and my Dad ate the rest.

The nanny cooked some chicken corn rice for the children today and they also ate carrot and beans today, there were some leftover rice, so Daddy and Kung-kung got to eat the rice for dinner too :)

A little note, if you ever crave pempek, tekwan, model and the likes or kue lapis legit/surabaya/carrot cake, and you're in Jakarta, you can always order them to my beloved Aunt at:
Angela Wilaisono + 62 21 5846740 or +62 8164817357
I guarantee you, they'll be excellent quality foods :) family is big on eating delicious foods


  1. Lia,
    I love coming by here and checking all the wonderful artsy stuff you are up to and all you are willing to share. Many of my blogo-sphere friends like you are the reason I went shopping and decided to share it through a GIVEAWAY!!

    So I made a very 'girlie' basket and I'm giving it all a away you can find out here:

    love amarettogirl

  2. hhhmmm ... yummy ... laper jadinya, kapan-kapan pesen deh ... (^.^)

  3. so there's how make "tofu like' egg white.
    I like the beef stew too. but mine doesn't look as good as yours..


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