Friday, March 12, 2010

i was featured!

Amesh, the talented writer, featured my scrappy clutch tutorial on Spice! magazine's March 2010 latest edition (it's the top right corner with Tas Dompet Perca as its title).  She also featured the very talented sibebo (crocheter) and Karina Palle of made in indonesia.  I'm just happy with my little splash of publicity :)...Oh, and that cover girl used to be my underclassman in elementary school.  THANKS MESH!


  1. Congrats on being featured how exciting, wishing you lots more crafty success!

    I just love your blog and just became a follower..

  2. Selamet ya ... selamet juga buat temen-temen yang laen .. senangnyaaa .... (^.^)

  3. congrats mbak lia, mbak nela, n mbak karina :)

  4. wooo..i've been under cave last week :"> hurray for us, hurray for crafters, hurray for handmade (^_^)


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