Thursday, March 18, 2010

chia's sewing madness

my crafty friend, Chia...just finished her sewing madness, these are just a few pictures I featured today.  While I was in Hong Kong, she made me jealous by sewing so many things! Including that bubble dress from a japanese pattern book, stylish girl dress...She made around 9 patchwork bags and 9 activity books for her daughter's 3rd birthday party's goody bags!  My misfits are going to get her lovely patchwork bags yay! :D...Her husband took these pictures for me...Thanks!


  1. What a lovely handbag!!
    So is the bubble dress.. your friend is so talented =3

  2. lovely patchwork bag :)
    u're so lucky!

  3. What a lucky little girl. I can't stop staring at the fabric. I know it's plain white with animals but isn't it beautiful?

  4. isn`t it fun to have crafty friends. that animal fabric is darling!

  5. I would like friends like yours! She is a very talented lady!


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