Monday, March 15, 2010

a big surprise for me

when I came home from the office today, I found a beautiful package addressed to me from the very talented Anne of craftgossip and casserole.  When I opened the package...I found so many beautiful vintage don't know how happy I felt when I got and opened your package...I LOVE THEM ALL!!!! SOOOO VERY MUCH!

When I opened it, there was this very cute little thank you card and a beautiful bundle of joys :D

Then, when I opened the ribbon, I found 2 beautiful ribbons...I find the flower ribbon to be beautiful and I don't think I'd find something like that anywhere...she got them from estate sales and the little patchwork vintage fabrics...ooooo I'm in love


  1. Oh you lucky thing! How fun to get a parcel like this in the mail. I bet it made you smile all day xo

  2. wah keren-keren Lia .. you are so lucky ... (^-^)


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