Sunday, June 13, 2010

tutorial: gift bag applique

There were two birthday parties today.  So I had to make 4 simple gift bags.  Anyway, here's a simple guide into making the bag and applique.  Use whatever measurement suits your gift :) and you just have to cut 1 long piece of rectangular fabric :).  Ooo and we watched the A-Team today :).  I looove that movie!

1.  Cut and glue the appliques onto the fabric and center them.

2.  I used blanket stitch all around the appliques, you can also use zig zag stitch

3.  Fold the fabric in half and I did a french seam bag here.  Sew on the right side approx. 1/4" all the way on one side, and on the other side, do the same but stop about 2.5" from the top.  Then turn it over and do straight stitch on the wrong side for about 0.375" from the side (do the one side first, where you stitch all the way up and leave the one with 2.5" gap from the top last).

4.  Fold the open edges in twice then sew the edge (the 2.5" part), so there won't be any frayed edges when you fold the top for the cord casing (at angled position)

5.  Fold the top twice and sew all around for the cord casing.

6.  Sew the other side on the wrong side, approx. 0.375" from the edge and close the stitch just below the cord casing

7.  Put in the cord and you're done


  1. so cute!
    thanks for the tutorial!
    i love everything you make cant wait to try it out!

  2. If you make it all look so easy, no one will admire what us, sewer, can do ;-) just kidding... thank you for these clear explanations!

  3. Does applique ever cease to make you smile & craft life easy?? Love Posie

  4. Cute and easy, I love it! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

  5. that is sooo cute, makes me smile.

  6. hmm, so cute bags nice work, i like red, blue and pink color combination ,i should try it and hope i can make it same like that, thanks a lot for this information.


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