Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the bookworm in me...

wants a new bookmark :)...so, before I dozed off to sleep, I sewed some :)...I bought some cocca scrap fabrics in Japan...they're quite expensive to my standard...hence, I was only able to buy scraps :p...so I've decided I want that "zig zag" selvedge on it and mix it with a linen cotton material I bought in Japan too.  The back of the bookmarks, I use some scraps I found in my scrap bin :D.  The flower machine embroidery kinda failed....ow well :D


  1. What a good idea!! I think I should make one for me too... I always use a little white paper... not too nice...

  2. it's so sweet.
    the only place where i've found cute fabrics is on this scrapbook store so it's mighty expensive (not to mention small). how do you manage to find them?

  3. sometimes scrap pieces of fabric are the most wonderful to work with. happy reading! :)

  4. idenya kerennnn.. ada aja yg dibuat mommy super yg 1 ini :)


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