Tuesday, June 8, 2010

my beautiful fabrics

I found some more beautiful fabrics :)...2 of Robert Kaufman's metro cafe fabrics and a Japanese usagi print :)...I need to buy that in pink...yes, they have pink! mmm or was it red??? forgot :D


  1. cantik sekali kainnya mbak...
    mau mau mau ^_^
    yang motif sendok itu untuk dekor/apparel ya?

  2. Nice! Can't wait to see what fun things you make with them! Those little bunnies in the Japanese fabric are just tooo cute!

  3. i love the robert kaufman fabric. is it easy to find designer fabric in indonesia? do u mind sharing what are the price range like? it's not easy to find these in KL, and they are really expensive if we do find them.


  4. Tada! I have that robert kaufmann but in colorful tones
    Found it from my kiloan fabric store....hehehehe
    And now they're become our place-mate in dining room

  5. i love the utensil print! where did u get it??


  6. aku kira yang motif sendok itu medium weight & utk home decor, ternyata dia cotton ya..how cute
    nemunya di tanah abang sebelah mana mbak? aku biasa hunting di blok A basement B2, karena itu yg paling deket dari kantor


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