Friday, June 4, 2010

a token of appreciation...

to the misfits' teachers :).  I made these pouches with my blank cards and two pieces of my veneer tags for misfits teachers.  I took their reports today and all went well.  Big M teacher told me how M was very caring to one of the naughty boy in class.  Nobody wanted to play with him and though there were time she was reluctant to play with him, there was a time when he was all alone and sad...Emma came to him and asked "What's wrong?"  There were also times when nobody wanted to sit with him and Emma would go and sit with him.  As a mom, I am very proud of her little act of kindness :). Thank you for teaching the children to be caring, independent, confident and happy.

The pattern is the same as the lined pouch


  1. I'm sure the teachers will love the pouches & the cards (like how I love them)!!!
    I also have that bicycle print! So cute!:)

  2. How lucky the teachers are! I really love your buttons. They are so lovely :) Thank you for sharing your proud moment. The act of kindness is a beautiful thing.

  3. Great teacher gifts - cute and practical!

  4. these are really cute Lia. I nned to think about making teacher gifts soon too. I'm sure they will love them!

  5. I want to be your little girls' teacher!! I can teach... singing and clapping? :D

  6. hi you intend to sell those cute buttons?? :) i would like to buy few of yours....
    they're all sooo cute :)
    pls do email me @ yaaa...thanks a bunch Liaa :)


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