Tuesday, June 1, 2010

houses and cars

Finally gocco-ing again :).  And I looove how this one turns out :).  I was so clumsy yesterday, as I was closing my AutoCAD program, it asked whether I wanted to save or not and I chose NO!!!! ARGHGHGH but I've saved it on pdf. sigh...


  1. oh my god, Lia. this is so irrestible. where did you draw your inspiration?

  2. tp kan sdh disave di pdf mbak.. brarti masih ada cadangan..hihi :)
    btw, can I have one? :)

  3. >.< my goodness, you actually did this on Autocad? It's like updating twitter using C++, ^^ I never be able to understand AutoCad, never! It turns out really well, anyway, row of houses never gets old.

  4. gorgeous prints! you should sell them on ETSY!


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