Wednesday, June 2, 2010

vintage and used books: found

After lunch, I went to Carrefour at Melawai to buy some milk and diapers...then I was distracted by a big banner that read more than 150 seamstresses at Basement I went down the basement level...and instead of seamstresses, I found these little shops of vintage and used books!  Both in Bahasa Indonesia and I know where to sell my textbooks, magazines and my novels! :D


  1. carrefour yang dimana?
    awwwwww wanna go there so much

  2. I would never want to leave! What a lovely find!

  3. ha! iya minggu yl juga sempet ke sini. gile, murah2 bgt. dan perlu waktu banyaak untuk eksplore di sini ;)

  4. hey lia... i love love these types of shops too... i can buy read and re-sale back.. and buy read re-sale... :D
    but i do get very attached to my books at times... :D


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