Tuesday, June 1, 2010

a very messy pink shirt

*sigh*....I hate sewing collars.  I was so happy when this shirt was almost done...then to my horror, as I was observing me new supposedly almost finished shirt, I realized I sewed the button hole piece wrong!! inside out! :'(.  I had to unpick the collar and the front...then, to make matters worst, as I was restitching new top stitch on the collar, I left the old one there and was going to take it out after I was done...then, after I was done unstitching, I took the wrong stitch!!!!! arghghghghghghgh...the collar is such a bad shape that I don't care much for it anymore! :)

I used a pattern from the new Happy Homemade....I think it's vol.5 :)


  1. I really can't tell from here there is a problem with the collar. 1 I love the fabric you used!

  2. hellow there
    i think your shirt turns out to be fabulous
    i don't see any problem about the collar,
    so please don't think too hard about it, when everyone says it's ok :)

  3. hi! i follow you since a while.... you take lovely pictures! ^_^ Your craftings are great

  4. It's very pretty, the orange collar against the pink bodice.


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