Monday, June 22, 2009

day 2 in Melbourne

Day 2 in Melbourne...Last night as I was driving pass Malvern Rd, I saw an interesting shop...So I went there today and got some cute stuff. From there, I went to the Bernina dealer at Camberwell Junction to get my ruffler's adapter and got some embroidery threads from there. Next stop was Bustle and Bows which unfortunately does not open Sundays AND Mondays! I'll just have to go back tomorrow. We then stopped by Methodist Ladies College, an all girls' school for our little misfits and took their enrollment packages. From there, we went to Tessuti but as we stopped to park, I saw another interesting shop , called Craft Victoria and ended up looking around for interesting things there. Today....has been very good ;). I'm loving Melbourne...A LOT.

the reason i wanted to arrive before Sunday....

is because there was a fabric sale at Patchwork House that ended on Sunday! :) So there I was...scouring for all the happiness :)

Road Trip Day 2, Sydney - Melbourne

Day 2 was more exciting, only because I get to go to Addicted to Fabric in Canberra :D (all grins). While Francis was having his power nap, I was scouring for their fabrics collections. Oh..I was on cloud 9...It was worth the extra 3 hours :). From there, we stopped by on a small winery, it wasn't the best but nevertheless, we bought a Sauvignon at Murrumbateman Winery. We arrived in Melbourne a little pass 11pm and went to Crown's food court and ate a good porridge at Shark Fin...yummm....

Road Trip Day 1, Brisbane-Sydney

We're moving base...from Brisbane to Melbourne, it was a bit sad but excited for the new place. All packed and ready to go...we began our journey from Brisbane at 7 am. First stop was Tweed Head, the border of QLD and NSW. From Tweed Head we continued our journey to Byron Bay, which is absolutely lovely :). We went to the most Easterly point in Mainland Australia and saw a rainbow over the lighthouse. Luckily we got in the car before it started to rain heavily.

Next stop was Coffs Harbour but it was raining heavily, I was only able to take a glimpse of the "Big Banana" and ate at this German restaurant, called Grandma House (I think).

On the way, Francis saw a quilt shop and so we stopped by there for a bit and got this cute Japanese fabric by Cosmo.

Our last stop for the first day was Wollongong and we were soo tired

Thursday, June 11, 2009

crispy honey chasio

On my cousin's sangjitan (engagement party), my Aunt bought Honey Crispy Chasio (Red Pork) from Kaca Mata. We've been addicted to it...ever since....

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

baby's gift

My friend just had her second daughter (very very cute) and they're finally back from Singapore. I've been deciding on what to make for her daughter, and finally came up with over-sized "house" shoes, a kimono pj and a diaper/clothing bag. All made with lots of love ;)

goodie bag hunt

Last Saturday, we decided to go hunting for misfit's Birthday goodie bag at Pasar Pagi, Mangga Dua. What an experience! They have just about everything you can imagine! Filled with fake Mickey, Dora, Pooh, Ben 10, you name it! They have it! I am sooo tempted to just buy the goodie bags along with the fillings from here! We'll see...I have a few more days before leaving to Melbourne and a few days to get these goodie bags before Misfit's Birthday Bash :).

a passport cover

I thought I whipped a real quick passport cover for a cute little girl...How disappointed I was when the flap was a little too big to go into the ribbon band :(.

my sister's order

I didn't have much time for my Sister's orders :p. So, I just did the best I could and her diary cover's measurement was a little off, so I wasn't able to sew around it. Overall it was quite okay. I made a passport cover, a diary cover, a make up bag and another little pouch....didn't have time to make her a laptop cover :p

summer school

Misfit number 1 finally graduates from her pre-nursery class and she is now going to join the big children class :), where she will go alone for 3 hours, since her next class will commence in July, we decided to put her to a summer program at another school, our friend suggested it and when I looked into it, I kinda like the place, so Emma has been going there for 3 days now :). The first day she cried 1 hour at school and she refused to play with the other children! The second day she didn't cry and the third day, she refused to go in and cried but then stopped not long after. Quite happy now that misfit number 1 can go to school all by herself :).


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