Saturday, September 25, 2010

feature and a new tuto at whipup

Awhile ago, the talented Kathreen of whipup emailed me and asked me to be a guest blogger...I was sooo excited and of course, very much honored.  I was confused on what to make with a little flare of Indonesia, so after much thinking, I've finally settled on my version of "shadow puppet".  Thank you, Chia for encouraging me during those lazy days and made me finish the puppet :D.  If you want to make one for yourself, visit whipup for the instruction and have fun :).  I'll make the boy version...maybe...

On another I am on my last night of our little family vacation in Rome.  Very happy to finally coming home :)...I miss my little Belle so much and I can't wait to see her and hug her and pinch her and carry her and showing her all the wonderful things I bought for her :).  Sorry, baby...not that we didn't want to take you...we're simply incapable of doing such circus :).


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the island of capri

It was too bad we arrived in Capri at night.  There was only an afternoon flight from Paris to Napoli and then we took the cab to the ferry's dock.  From Napoli, it took about 1.5 hours to reach Capri.  In the morning we had breakfast at the hotel with the breathtaking view of the famous rocks.  We went to Capri Center and took the funiculaire down the hill to Marina Grande.  We decided to have a private boat tour around Capri Island...too bad the blue grotto was closed today due to high tides :(.

Misfit was certainly having the time of her life.  She looooved the boat!  The boat driver, Mr. Gennaro was very kind and took several pictures of us.  I love family pictures hard to take a picture of all of us together.

The roads in Capri are soooo small...the buses are smaller than the standard busses.  The streets are similar to Indonesia's small alleyways :).  Driving here is definitely not for the faint of hearts.

We had a really nice lunch at Anacapri...look at those beautiful oysters....yuuuummmm

This is the hotel we stayed...Hotel Weber Ambassador...quite nice :)

We took a stroll down the beach from the hotel...I looove's truly beautiful...a magnificent island :).  One day, I shall visit this beautiful place again...Ciao...


Monday, September 20, 2010

shim sukkah update

Hellow peeps...we are now in the beautiful Island of Capri...sometimes I wonder...why life can be so unfair...these people get to live in this amazing island :).  Anyways...Shim sukkah by David, Matt and Stephanie was a big hit.  Their installation is chosen to be on display at New York's Center of Architecture until the end of October.  Using little pieces of woods, they were able to create from walls to table and chairs.  Thank you all for voting for them.  Pictures were sent by Leslie Billhymer.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

bye bye bb

The day started off well.  We had a nice breakfast at Fauchon and I simply LOOOVE their canelles...Misfit loves the plain croissant and the salmon sandwich wasn't too bad as well :).

We then walked from place de la madeleine to place de la concorde and continued our journey to the park of Musee d'louvre.  That's where I lost my beloved blackberry :'(.  I might have dropped it and whoever picked it up, decided to steal it...We've tried calling a few times and it went through once, after that, the thief turned off the mobile...surprisingly, I wasn't as upset as I thought I would be...I guess because I've been through worst when I lost my PASSPORT in Greece.  Anyways...I wish the thief the best of luck with all mine and my family's bad lucks :D...he/she can bear all of my bad lucks :D

We then took the batobus to show big M around...I'll post more pictures when I have the energy :D.

On another note...I miss my li'l misfit...A LOT :'(...we had a nice picnic during lebaran :) was messy but fun :D


Friday, September 17, 2010

on vacation

We're on 10 days vacation...I'll update places we go when the internet allows :)...for now, check out  for my guest feature on the 23rd September! :).  Today we went to Texworld and Indigo by Premiere Vision.  It was very interesting....I love Indigo...I wish I could take pictures...there were SOOO many beautiful textile designs, I felt like buying everything and wishing those designs are printed on fabrics :'(.  I love paper&cloth, ID Textile, helene pimbert, Adelaide d'Andigne, and Holly Bradley-Gill's woven cloth design was sooooo beautiful...there were a few other ones but I didn't get to stop and ask for their cards...You see, I kinda feel awful going there without any intentions of buying the day, I hope :)...for now, I've just feasted my hungry eyes and heart :) and worn my legs out...I miss my masseuse...Au Revoir ;).


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

please please vote for my sister

Remember I told you about the competition my sister, her boyfriend and friend are entering as tinder.tinker?  Well, it's on now and I plead you to vote for them (no. 5 shim sukkah).  Oh and by the way, here's an article about the competition from New York Magazine.

So, please please please, spare your few minutes and vote for them :) here:


Thursday, September 9, 2010

can i have something like this, chia?

I'll even give you the fabrics :D...but you do the rest...a King Sized one would be good...oooo and I'll even supply the cotton batting ;), what do you think???  You want to make your friend happy? :D hehehehehehe.  Isn't this baby quilt just absolutely gorgeous?! I love everything about it...well done, Chia!


gift pouch and patchwork pouches

The yummy ice cream pouch was a gift pouch for sewmanics' Red Shirt Dress for Big M's birthday friend. I hope Amara will like them both :).

Then, I had a light bulb moment after enviously drooling over Chia's baby quilt (which I shall post after this) for her friend.  Since I am too lazy to quilt anything, I made a patchwork pouch for Valerie...and being a girly girl she is, I just had to choose a ballet centerpiece.  Perfect for her ballet change of clothes ;).  Lately I love sewing little detail on the drawstring's ends, instead of just tying it into a knot.

This is a pouch I did today amidst my crazy schedule...These are all scrap fabrics...a little stress relief from my hectic day :)...and very thankful that my internet is back online :).


diaper pouches

I've been making a lot of pouches this past few weeks.  A friend of mine just delivered a cute, chubby baby I made her a red usagi diaper pouch

Then, a cousin's friend ordered a diaper pouch...which I finally did after so long :p...I just thought of the velcro strap and quite happy with the result :)...I hope she likes it too :)


Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I got these last week from amazon...and my hubby brought these back for me :D heheheh...thank you! :)...I love Ed Emberley's books...lots of inspirations for my gocco cards :) and even activities with the misfits :) (I bought the thumb print books).  Can't wait to find the time to do the drawings :).


congrats, foxy :)

Thank you all for voting...I've been very busy, not work see, you all know I have house helpers and nanny...and since it is the muslim's holiday, they've all gone back home :( here I am, cleaning and taking care of the misfits :D...I sneaked a few sewings here and there but I'm mostly doing household chores...which I hate so so so so much...I just can't imagine how the rest of the world sew, cook and clean whilst taking care of your misfits ;).  Like this afternoon...I was doing the kids' laundry as usual..then when it was done, there was a weird first I thought it was the detergent but it smelled like pee!!!!  Then I knew immediately what it was...and I'm sure you all do too :(...Yes, it was li'l misfit's diaper!!!!! ARGHGHGHGHGHGH....I felt like shooting myself in the head :D...The good thing is...I do actually enjoy the hectic crazy time I get to spend with the misfits (when they're not fighting or messing things up!)

So...after much complaints and chit chat from me...I'd like to congratulate Sertyan for her fox bag :)...I'll send a pack of special things...which I haven't yet gathered :p.


Friday, September 3, 2010

battle of the foxes

So, here are some of the wonderful fox bags some of you have made.  Pick your favorite and we'll tally up the winner from there ;).  Though I must say they all look pretty!! and you all are winners already ;).  Here they are in no particular order.  So, PLEASE help me vote and leave your vote on the comment box :)....Thank you everyone! :).  O, and by the way, voting will be closed on the 7th September 2010 :).

1. Quek Sertyan of Sertyan's Sewing Corner.  Some more pictures here

2. Elisabeth of Oktober Leaves

3. Lauren of Lauren Dixon-Paver

4. Fitria of Griya Hobi Fitriaa


Thursday, September 2, 2010

diaper pouch gift

Another gift for Li'l misfit's class helper.  She's currently pregnant, so I made her a baby diaper pouch/change of clothes in a drawstring bag...which I'm sure she could use it for something :).  

Ms. Deb, Li'l misfit's teacher when she received her finger paint bag :D.  Hope you enjoy the bag.  I guarantee it was lovingly made by your students and me ;).


tutorial: finger paint bag

I was also asked to organize little misfit's teachers day celebration.  I was totally at lost...I didn't know what those toddlers can do.  Then my friends suggested me making some finger paints painting.  Light bulb.  I did exactly that, only on canvas fabric :).  I then turned it into a bag.  It's a basic idea/tutorial.  I don't even have any steps to show.  You just need some fabric paints and cute hands :)....then go crazy :D.  You then just have to set the paints using hot iron (see your paint's suggested setting) and sew it into a reversible bag :D.  


happy teachers' day

My friends and I have been busy this past week.  Because we were preparing a surprise party for teachers day which was held yesterday at Misfits' school.  Our children's class was lead by the ambitious Carina (Valerie's mom) who had organized everything.  She was the driving force behind our prepared performance.  Another mom, Astrid (Dylan's mom) volunteered making a photo/video clip and I volunteered sewing gift bags for the teachers.  The other moms had also been very helpful and cooperative during practice time and filming time.  The result was astounding.  Astrid made a very touching professional looking video clip.  Some of the teachers cried during the presentation.  Each kid was also asked to bring a letter so they could line up and made a sentence.  

At the end of the video clip and performance, some of the children went to each of the six teachers and gave them the reversible personalized bag with pouch.  We were sad when it was all over :(.  We had fun and we're very happy our efforts touched the teachers' heart.  Happy teachers' day, angels :).  I'll post the video's youtube link as soon as Carina successfully uploads it :D. The LINK of the video



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