Saturday, September 18, 2010

bye bye bb

The day started off well.  We had a nice breakfast at Fauchon and I simply LOOOVE their canelles...Misfit loves the plain croissant and the salmon sandwich wasn't too bad as well :).

We then walked from place de la madeleine to place de la concorde and continued our journey to the park of Musee d'louvre.  That's where I lost my beloved blackberry :'(.  I might have dropped it and whoever picked it up, decided to steal it...We've tried calling a few times and it went through once, after that, the thief turned off the mobile...surprisingly, I wasn't as upset as I thought I would be...I guess because I've been through worst when I lost my PASSPORT in Greece.  Anyways...I wish the thief the best of luck with all mine and my family's bad lucks :D...he/she can bear all of my bad lucks :D

We then took the batobus to show big M around...I'll post more pictures when I have the energy :D.

On another note...I miss my li'l misfit...A LOT :'(...we had a nice picnic during lebaran :) was messy but fun :D



  1. yah mbak Lia serius tuh ilang BBnya? pas td kita email2an udah ilang mbak? :( sorry to hear that.

  2. J'aimerais aller à Paris...
    sampe dibela-belain kursus sampe gak naek diulang lagi,hihi...tetep aja cuman nambah temen dari Prancis doang,huhu.... seru liburannya ya...

    n sorry for ur lost, nanti pasti diganti ma yg lebih bagus,amieeen,huhu...


  3. Oh my goodness! You're the third person I know who lost her BB in the past 3 weeks! Sorry to hear that. Time to get the new iPhone4! ;)

  4. semoga dapat ganti yg lebih baik lagi ya mba lia ;D

  5. aaaaaaaaaaaaah i miss paris! salam ya bok! btw itu pempek endang beraaaaat..

  6. Hi! Lia
    I'm french and live in Paris. I've just learnt that you and your family are there what a surprise !
    I like to read your blog which is a good place for inspiration
    Sorry for your bb..

    Enjoy your travel !

    PS : If you need anything here email me it would be a pleasure !

  7. Your lovely pictures are getting me very excited about my trip to Paris. I'm taking my first trip there on October 1, 2010. :) I'm sorry about your blackberry!!!!


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