Wednesday, September 8, 2010

congrats, foxy :)

Thank you all for voting...I've been very busy, not work see, you all know I have house helpers and nanny...and since it is the muslim's holiday, they've all gone back home :( here I am, cleaning and taking care of the misfits :D...I sneaked a few sewings here and there but I'm mostly doing household chores...which I hate so so so so much...I just can't imagine how the rest of the world sew, cook and clean whilst taking care of your misfits ;).  Like this afternoon...I was doing the kids' laundry as usual..then when it was done, there was a weird first I thought it was the detergent but it smelled like pee!!!!  Then I knew immediately what it was...and I'm sure you all do too :(...Yes, it was li'l misfit's diaper!!!!! ARGHGHGHGHGHGH....I felt like shooting myself in the head :D...The good thing is...I do actually enjoy the hectic crazy time I get to spend with the misfits (when they're not fighting or messing things up!)

So...after much complaints and chit chat from me...I'd like to congratulate Sertyan for her fox bag :)...I'll send a pack of special things...which I haven't yet gathered :p.



  1. congrats for sertyan :)
    btw masalah utama minggu ini adalah: kita merindukan pekerja rumah tangga kita...
    "huaaa mbak... cepatlah kembali...."

  2. Hi Lia,

    Thanks again for the pattern and the competition, this is the first time I win a contest online..looking forward to your special goody bag! Thanks thanks thanks! :)


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