Thursday, September 9, 2010

gift pouch and patchwork pouches

The yummy ice cream pouch was a gift pouch for sewmanics' Red Shirt Dress for Big M's birthday friend. I hope Amara will like them both :).

Then, I had a light bulb moment after enviously drooling over Chia's baby quilt (which I shall post after this) for her friend.  Since I am too lazy to quilt anything, I made a patchwork pouch for Valerie...and being a girly girl she is, I just had to choose a ballet centerpiece.  Perfect for her ballet change of clothes ;).  Lately I love sewing little detail on the drawstring's ends, instead of just tying it into a knot.

This is a pouch I did today amidst my crazy schedule...These are all scrap fabrics...a little stress relief from my hectic day :)...and very thankful that my internet is back online :).



  1. Nice work! The ice cream applique is so cute. And the patchwork bag too...

  2. 3 posts in a day! you're hard to follow, Lia ;-)
    So, after all the house chores, you still find the time to be creative, don't you? I love these pouches. They're really cute. And I - as always - adore the fabrics you chose. that red diaper pouch is purely gorgeous!


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