Friday, September 17, 2010

on vacation

We're on 10 days vacation...I'll update places we go when the internet allows :)...for now, check out  for my guest feature on the 23rd September! :).  Today we went to Texworld and Indigo by Premiere Vision.  It was very interesting....I love Indigo...I wish I could take pictures...there were SOOO many beautiful textile designs, I felt like buying everything and wishing those designs are printed on fabrics :'(.  I love paper&cloth, ID Textile, helene pimbert, Adelaide d'Andigne, and Holly Bradley-Gill's woven cloth design was sooooo beautiful...there were a few other ones but I didn't get to stop and ask for their cards...You see, I kinda feel awful going there without any intentions of buying the day, I hope :)...for now, I've just feasted my hungry eyes and heart :) and worn my legs out...I miss my masseuse...Au Revoir ;).



  1. happy holiday Mbak Lia :)
    kl sudah pulang tolong emailin aku ya :) aku ada berita buat Mbak Lia...hihihi...

  2. Aduuuh enaknya...are you in Paris ?

  3. guest feature on WhipUp? How exciting! I can't wait!
    I also can't believe you're only a few hundred km away from my place right now... I whish I had the time to meet you there!
    Enjoy every second of those holydays!

  4. nice vacation .. have fun ;D saya tunggu lagi postingan foto2nya

  5. Envious! I was scrubbing the floor this holiday!


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