Tuesday, September 21, 2010

the island of capri

It was too bad we arrived in Capri at night.  There was only an afternoon flight from Paris to Napoli and then we took the cab to the ferry's dock.  From Napoli, it took about 1.5 hours to reach Capri.  In the morning we had breakfast at the hotel with the breathtaking view of the famous rocks.  We went to Capri Center and took the funiculaire down the hill to Marina Grande.  We decided to have a private boat tour around Capri Island...too bad the blue grotto was closed today due to high tides :(.

Misfit was certainly having the time of her life.  She looooved the boat!  The boat driver, Mr. Gennaro was very kind and took several pictures of us.  I love family pictures :D...so hard to take a picture of all of us together.

The roads in Capri are soooo small...the buses are smaller than the standard busses.  The streets are similar to Indonesia's small alleyways :).  Driving here is definitely not for the faint of hearts.

We had a really nice lunch at Anacapri...look at those beautiful oysters....yuuuummmm

This is the hotel we stayed...Hotel Weber Ambassador...quite nice :)

We took a stroll down the beach from the hotel...I looove Capri...it's truly beautiful...a magnificent island :).  One day, I shall visit this beautiful place again...Ciao...



  1. tambah seru aja liburannya...dan kayaknya lom slesai slesai,haha... besok oleh-olehnya dibikin give away ajah,huhu,ngarep....

    have a nice holiday...


  2. aaaahhhh jelesssss XD
    someday.i.will.go.here! :D
    happy holiday mbak Lia! :)

  3. Oleh2nya cangkang oyster setumpuk. :D Great times, great photos, great family! Is it just me or Capri's sky is more azure than ours?

  4. I can not believe that you are in Italy, will you come to Florence?

  5. You are having a great time...it's so nice when the fammily is together...enjoy!!!
    ...let me know if you come to nord of italy.

  6. Liaaa....so happy have a wonderful holiday in Capri


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