Thursday, September 2, 2010

happy teachers' day

My friends and I have been busy this past week.  Because we were preparing a surprise party for teachers day which was held yesterday at Misfits' school.  Our children's class was lead by the ambitious Carina (Valerie's mom) who had organized everything.  She was the driving force behind our prepared performance.  Another mom, Astrid (Dylan's mom) volunteered making a photo/video clip and I volunteered sewing gift bags for the teachers.  The other moms had also been very helpful and cooperative during practice time and filming time.  The result was astounding.  Astrid made a very touching professional looking video clip.  Some of the teachers cried during the presentation.  Each kid was also asked to bring a letter so they could line up and made a sentence.  

At the end of the video clip and performance, some of the children went to each of the six teachers and gave them the reversible personalized bag with pouch.  We were sad when it was all over :(.  We had fun and we're very happy our efforts touched the teachers' heart.  Happy teachers' day, angels :).  I'll post the video's youtube link as soon as Carina successfully uploads it :D. The LINK of the video



  1. You guys are so thoughtful and kind...not to mention creative!

  2. Well done!
    So Carina and her daughter Valerie, is it Carina Permana? If it is, I went to school with her! I also went to school with your cousin Meli, if she hasn't told you yet! What a small world.


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