Monday, August 30, 2010

no, it's not a matte stephens'

It's a Matte Stephens' knock off by me! hahahhahaa...sorry Matte...I took a drawing private lesson on Sunday, and we were told to bring a photo of a painting we like and try drawing it.  Naturally, I picked my favorite painter's painting...the talented Mr. Stephens :D.  This is the result of my copy cat hahahhaha.  I didn't know painting on a canvas using acrylic can be so much fun and relaxing :).  I guess that adds to my list of hobbies :).

My buddy, Chia...chose a harder and more complicated object to draw, an Iwan Soelistiyo painting...and turns out very very nice :)'ve done a great job, Chia!!! :D



  1. me likey! btw adikmu hebat bangeeet *ikut bangga :D

  2. wohooo! watch out Matte Stephens! Here comes Lia and her sister! ^^
    hebatttt ih jadi pengen eksperimen pake kanvas lagi :D

  3. that's so lovely, I mean, I can tell it is from a Matte painting but it has some Lia in it! and your sister is very talented! those brush strokes are quite a thing of beauty

  4. Who says you're too old to start a lesson? I might as well take a sewing one..

  5., Chia is my good friend :D not my sister...hihihi


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