Tuesday, August 3, 2010

mother and baby fair - day one and two

I must say, this bazaar experience was TOTALLY fun :).  I'm so lucky to have cool booth-mates :D...I think our items coordinate well together...our color combinations definitely blend well :D...and overall, I'm happy with how everything turned out :).  Meeting some of the people who walked in to our booth was a precious experience...the whole thing was exciting to me :).  I'm definitely looking forward to our next bazaar together, friends.... ;)

Our booth

Big M, enjoying her little sofa by Dreamesh Living...sadly, it was sold not log after this...well, I mean...good for Amesh ;) but not so good for our booth's display :D

I'm so proud of these bibs...these were the last set...and by the end of day one, my friend bought these last bibs for her nephew :)...all sold out!

Sewmanics' little section with Emma lounging on Dreamesh's comfy pillows, pouffs and such :)

I sold some of my cards too!!! I'm so happy...even my covered buttons got sold...wow :) very touched by people who would buy them from me :)...thank you, my customers :) I truly appreciate it



  1. What a pretty set up for the booth!
    Gosh it must be so liberating to sell your handmade items!
    I love such 'booth' or 'exhibition fair' reports. I am looking forward to your next one!

  2. Wow Lia, love the booth and looks like business is good, can't wait for more from Sewmanics. congrats ya

  3. The booth looks amazing!!! It looks like you had a very successful day! YAY! :D

  4. waw waw waw..yummy looking booth!!anak-anakmu locoooooooo :">

  5. Hi Mba Lia..kemarin aku beli bibs nya kereeen..aku suka,semoga baby ku suka

  6. You are so creative. You should make Youtube videos of this or "how to's" :0)


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