Tuesday, August 3, 2010

around the mother and baby fair

I have to admit....I did not take enough pictures during the fair...but I did take some of these pictures...some of Indonesia's celebrity bloggers ;)....the talented Tara Amelz, Amesh of Dreamesh and their friends :)

Then, as I was accompanying my family ate their noodles, a nice man sitting next to us kindly asked me which booth was I at?  I said...My booth is the one all the way at the end...the one in the corner, together with Dreamesh Living...and Yudhis (the man's name) asked whether I know who did Sewmanics....me me me :D hehehehe...apparently, Yudhis, his wife and their adorable cute curly daughter are the owners of nenen shop!!! :)...it was definitely nice knowing the 3 of you in that brief moments of life :)

My friend, Cynthia was also at the fair...she's ultra talented...with her cute children clothing lines.  They're made from cute and adorable fabrics...and her designs are adorable.  You all should check her cute little online shop :)... lil pomme, I'm quite sure you'll find something that you like :)



  1. senang sekali bisa ketemu ya! jangan lupa kalau ada yang kita bisa banti di nenen baby shop ya :)


  2. ada Vanya..hihihi... wanita2 super ada di foto2 ini :)

  3. Lia, Thanks much for featuring me in your blog :)
    I'm in awe with your creative genius!!
    Hope someday we can collaborate together *hugs*


  4. Ooh, how I wished to come and getting to know you and other celebrity crafter/blogger...


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