Wednesday, August 11, 2010

another peek into my life

I'm slowly posting some of the things I've been wanting to post... :).  Did I tell you how PROUD I am of my mom?  Her pictures are on the latest edition of Ocean Geographic...well, maybe last month's edition now, since it's taken me so long to post :).  But I'm so very proud of her...I think she truly deserves this acknowledgement.  She's gone a long way to where she is today...cheers to you, Mom :)

This is the cover of the magazine where the pictures are :)

Then I got this picture of big M before her Birthday party....busy "helping" us out :)...excited with all the big fuss :)'re going to have to wait another year for another big one, sweetie :)



  1. your mum's photos are amazing! and your little girl pretty cute and funny ;-)

  2. mbak Lia, your mom is an underwater photographer? *faints* if i ever reincarnate, i'd love to be one :D

    mau cari ah majalahnya XD supercool mom!!! I can see it runs in the blood :D hehehe

  3. Wow wee, that's so exciting, amazing images by your mother, congratulations!! I bet all your family photos are great - my mother, well she was excellent at cutting off heads OR having lots of sky in our photos, oh dear!! love Posie

  4. superrrrrrr cool mom....!!!
    salam buat mamanya mbak lia....


  5. ih hebat amat nyokap lo!! salut tante!

  6. 4 thumbs up mbak lia buat mamanya!! :)
    *merasa malu, anak muda tp ga bs berenang :(

  7. your mom????? aweeeesome. i thought all moms only go shopping and cook and fuss about grandkids. hahaha that's really cool.
    and are those goodie bags? the one your daughter is holding? they're cute :D :D


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