Wednesday, August 4, 2010

happy birthday, sis

Yesterday was my younger sister's birthday.  It's been awhile since we last celebrated it together...I've forgotten when was the last time I celebrated her birthday...usually she's in Australia and I was in the States...then I'm home, she's in the get the idea :).  I didn't have much time to prepare her birthday present, but she's been pestering me for a stripe pouch with red zipper and a make up brush pouch.  Since I was busy preparing the bazaar, I whipped these after work yesterday and finished it juuust in time for her before our delicious BBQ steak dinner :) she's asking for more pouches... :D

The chocco chiffon cake from La Mouette was so good...fluffy with good chocolate :)...I love it :D, then they played with fireworks...we had fun, last night...despite the little incident with our BBQ equipment :p

The kiddos tortured their Aunt, uncle and Kung-Kung (Grandfather)...time for another massage for them :D 



  1. It looks like you all had a lovely time together celebrating with your sister, it's nice that you got the chance to do it this year. The pouch is lovely, no wonder she wants more.:)

  2. Very nice fabrics! Congratulations for yous sister!!!

  3. Hi Lia,
    Met kenal ya... aku dapat blog kamu pas baca baca di citra....
    kainmu bagus bagus... boleh tanya beli dimana???

  4. Our grandfather is called KungKung too! And yes, quite similar back pain from the same kind of torture...Happy Birthday to your sissy!


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