Friday, August 13, 2010


I all might probably be sick and tired of seeing my boat-themed gift pouch :)...forgive me for being so uncreative :)....but I love sail boats...specially on little boys ... this one is for little M's friend :)...happy birthday, Mark :)

As I was photographing the pouch...little missy decided to join in the fun :)...I always find it interesting to see big difference on both of my kids' characters :) can they be so similar in many ways and yet so very different in a lot of ways...I love you, sweeties...a lot :)



  1. I'm not sick of them Lia! love the sailboats ♥

  2. I'm not sick either! Love everything you make anyway ;-)

  3. I love the bright sailboat gift pouch you made. :)

  4. ms. lia ur so crafty :) it is a cute sailboat..

    btw, hope u read my reply to u on my blog. i was looking for someone who likes to go to gandaria then i found u.. would you like my discount book? heheh aku jarang ksitu sih.. at least i know it wont go to waste :p


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