Monday, August 23, 2010

a gift of love ;)

Chia...I told you not to get me anything...I knew you were extremely busy with the wedding and all...but thank you anyway for your wonderful thought ... fabrics from purl and two cute bottles of maple syrups! wow...Can you tell I'm extremely happy and grateful.  Thank you, dahhhhhling :) you're the best!  Ooo and the doily, I cut using my Silhouette SD :)



  1. aww.. chia sounds like a friend i could have! :D how sweeet! cute fabric.

  2. I love the doily, I never heard of the Silhouette SD before...mmm, on my wish list now!

  3. mbak,klo order online dari us gitu ongkirnya gimana ya ? ada additional tax yang harus kita bayar ? pingin order jg dari us, tapi takut ga nyampe.. (mailto :


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