Monday, August 30, 2010


The weekend before last weekend, My Mom and I decided to go to the last day of Kridaya fair.  I didn't buy too much :)...but I did buy my favorite Tenun Imam, and I'd like to say sorry to the lovely owners...I messed up your booth by unfolding those beautiful fabrics you displayed :p.  I also bought a blue dress for Misfit, from Danar Hadi...I love the color and style and most importantly, the price was good :D.  One of my favorite store had a stall open too, I forgot what it's called, but they sell their batiks using natural color dyes...and hence, their batiks are bluish-indigo in color....I wanted to buy a shirt for my Mister, but I think they've sold a lot and not much left :(...The Batik horse statue was quite impressive...It's not pretty or anything, the eyes looked scary but I like the Batik patchwork idea on its body :).

I love the print on this brown hand drawn batik...I saw another lovely pink swan too...but I didn't take a picture of that one...this is quite pricey...about 420 USD each :(...and I absolutely adore that patchwork/leftover fabrics jacket!  


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