Saturday, August 7, 2010

the birthday party

Li'l Gracie's birthday was a success :).  We came very late and missed out a lot, because Big Misfit had to go to school first and I kinda had to finish off the little doll :D.  I helped Gracie's mom with the bunting cheer up the party :).  Good food...good company...good party :)...Cheers!



  1. I love the bunting flags, they are so festive. Are they in fabric?

  2. It seems like you live in a never ending Birthday Party! XD

  3. Hi Lia,
    Selamat ya ama ultahnya Gracie..... buntingnya bikin sendiri ya??? aku juga lagi mikir mo bikin buat ultah Isabelle ntar hehe.
    Cerita dong kisah romantisnya hehehe jadi penasaran.
    Jadi pengin ke tanah abang deh.... beneran sumpah kainnya cakep cakep.... ntar kalo aku mudik anterin kesana ya hahahahaha


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