Tuesday, August 3, 2010

our space creation....

The story went like this...
We need something to make our 4x4 (m) booth looked nice.  So, at a moment's notice...my talented sister and her boyfriend, drew me wooden racks, which I asked the factory to make on Tuesday and it was done by Thursday :D (thank you, peeps...you guys are the best!).  So, came Thursday night...we went to Balai Kartini...it was definitely HOT and HUMID and STUFFY...but it was fun and our booth turned out A O K :D

Displaying the items...I love how Steph and David made places to hang dresses and the children's clothing.

From Left to Right...Rani and Gita from Kinanti, Amesh from Dreamesh, Chia and I from Sewmanics and we were missing Dedek and Nia from Popcorn...ooo and that's our heavily inspired Manuella Bag for Sewmanics ;), modeled by the talented David the Architect :D



  1. I went to Mother & Baby Fair and easily found your booth
    The items were so lovely
    unfortunately, I didn't buy anything
    sorry Lia, I was busy chasing my lil girl :D

  2. that bag is 'sew' cute!
    everything looks lovely, like a candy (a mum's version) boutique!


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