Tuesday, March 30, 2010

my new IT bag

made from elephant sprout fabric (cotton drill) and Ikea fabric :).  Turns out okay, I think...I'm loving it...and yes, of course it's reversible ;)

Monday, March 29, 2010

blame the pouf!!

sigh....my misfits' daily routines...fighting over ANYTHING...

And the story went like this...
Big M wanted to take a picture on the pouf...then li'l M pushed her away because she wanted to sit on the pouf as well...then Big M finally stole the pouf and managed to take a picture with it then she called li'l M and asked her to sit on the pouf....awwwww that made mommy very happy :)

my finds

on the weekend...

1 cute pouf from dreamesh from her ke:kun bazaar

and this cute beaded pouch I found at Alun-alun Plaza Senayan :)

li'l misfit's first day of school

my little baby started her pre school today :D...she was so very excited and not as shy as her first trial and quite brave for her very first day of school, unlike big misfit :).  I'm just happy she's happy :)

then I took some peek at big misfit's class room...it was still empty :) and she loves her teacher

while li'l misfit was waiting for her class, she wandered around the play area

and since she was the earliest at school, she was all alone in the beginning (big misfit's class starts at 10 am and li'l misfit's class starts at 10:30 am)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

i let the children go artsy

I went to an art supply the other day...and found some finger paints...so I thought I let the children go wild with it :)...apparently only Emma was interested in doing her little wild art...she loved mixing the paints whilst her sister just sat on the side line...watching...and playing by herself...mmmm be a great painter, Em...so mommy can sell these one day hahahahahaha

Saturday, March 27, 2010

happy birthday dear cousin

glad it's your turn first...not mine :p...I wrapped her gift - kimono style :)

thanks for the dinner treat :)

and even had time for a little doodle on the placemat :D..it was a fun evening :)

an easter bunny scribble

I thought I'll finally use my fabric marker...it was quite fun :)...just don't know what to do with it...it was certainly much easier than crayons :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

a little something for ms. pinky

My cousin loooves pink :) so when she came over my place this afternoon and requested a little pouch that's easy to make from the fabrics she chose....naturally, I chose the flower pouch :D

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a little crocheted doily

This crochet turned out smaller than I expected but it's still pretty in pink...excuse the scrunchy background :p

rain rain everywhere

Still liking the rain theme, I had this idea while I was at the office...why not use fabrics for the rain and the umbrella?  So I did and I free hand stitched those fabrics...the BSR technology is finally in use :)

my fabric print :D

After browsing here, there and everywhere, I've finally had the courage to try freezer paper fabric print.  I used the tutorial given by How About Orange and for my firsts, they turned out okay :), with a little bleed here and there and I also lost an eye for the bunny :p...ow well

After I heated up the drawings with my hair dryer, I peeled off the freezer paper.  I must say, I am impressed and amazed with those simple freezer papers!!!!

The yellow didn't turn out well and the red bled a little but for my first, I'm HAPPY :)

The bunny bled a little more and it is now being washed, hopefully the red blotch will disappear...this was printed on a muslin fabric, which I think absorbs all of those paints hence a bit uneven, then again I was a bit stingy with the paint :p

Here they are together, side by side :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010

crochet idea

I was looking at my newly acquired brown bag from chat chat and I thought...my crochet might look nice on it...what do you think??

flowery crochet

another crochet done from a japanese book: crochet rose pattern....I kinda like it...I need to get some sewing done, though...probably another head pillow??? we'll see :D

Thursday, March 18, 2010

chia's sewing madness

my crafty friend, Chia...just finished her sewing madness, these are just a few pictures I featured today.  While I was in Hong Kong, she made me jealous by sewing so many things! Including that bubble dress from a japanese pattern book, stylish girl dress...She made around 9 patchwork bags and 9 activity books for her daughter's 3rd birthday party's goody bags!  My misfits are going to get her lovely patchwork bags yay! :D...Her husband took these pictures for me...Thanks!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

another version of the egg whites

The other day, I made this using the egg whites from my Aunty Angela :)...carrot, chicken and egg whites...using garlic, fish sauce and a very tiny bit of sesame oil...it was good.  

a doily and a pineapple

The little doily was done when I was on vacation and I totally forgot about it until yesterday :).  And yesterday I crocheted this little pineapple crochet...it was so easy, fun and simple :).  The patterns are from my Japanese crochet books.

Monday, March 15, 2010

a big surprise for me

when I came home from the office today, I found a beautiful package addressed to me from the very talented Anne of craftgossip and casserole.  When I opened the package...I found so many beautiful vintage goodies...Anne...you don't know how happy I felt when I got and opened your package...I LOVE THEM ALL!!!! SOOOO VERY MUCH!

When I opened it, there was this very cute little thank you card and a beautiful bundle of joys :D

Then, when I opened the ribbon, I found 2 beautiful ribbons...I find the flower ribbon to be beautiful and I don't think I'd find something like that anywhere...she got them from estate sales and the little patchwork vintage fabrics...ooooo I'm in love

my mommy dearest's works are also featured

in a new local magazine which was given out during The Deep Indonesia exhibition yesterday.  We're so proud of you...well done!  She used to complain how incompetent she is compared to others and she used to be very shy of her pictures but she always strives to be better...I guess this is a little acknowledgment of all her hard works...My mom has always been my good friend, a wise and understanding person and someone I can talk about my troubles and worries.  Someone who's passionate about diving, rare orchids and cooking excellent foods for us :).  Both of my parents have always been very supportive of our decisions in life and I thank them for that.

pretty in off white and a birthday wish

I finished another one :) and I also love this one :) it's quite big, I believe it's the 15cm diameter ones :)...

and yesterday was my dearest's 30th birthday :) we celebrated at this nice french restaurant and when we took this picture, Isabelle was fast asleep :)...we didn't leave you this time, baby...you were asleep :).  Happy 30th my dearest, you still look stunning as ever :) and my wish for you is our happiness would lasts forever and ever...muach...


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