Monday, March 15, 2010

my closest attempt to fabric printing's not even close as exciting :)  but my friend was showing me her beautiful rain drops fabric print and I love it :)  So I saw my Crayola Fabric Crayons I bought awhile ago at a Bazaar, but they're available at Kinokuniya as well.  I drew directly onto the fabric...before I ironed the fabric, it looked quite nice, then I Ironed the fabric per instruction, but I didn't realized how it would react with thinner kinda ruined the "rainbow" I made, so I used standard 70g white paper to iron the rest, though there were still a lot of residues here and there....but it was fun :)

Yes...I know I'm not so great nor talented in the drawing department nor the design department :p 

The blotches I told you about :)...and the papers I used to iron the you'll have an idea :D

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  1. I'm not so good with pencils either, but that looks like a lot of fun with the crayons : )
    I've seen that before with crayons and then the embroider around it to highlight. Look at this, i think it's cool


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