Monday, March 29, 2010

li'l misfit's first day of school

my little baby started her pre school today :D...she was so very excited and not as shy as her first trial and quite brave for her very first day of school, unlike big misfit :).  I'm just happy she's happy :)

then I took some peek at big misfit's class was still empty :) and she loves her teacher

while li'l misfit was waiting for her class, she wandered around the play area

and since she was the earliest at school, she was all alone in the beginning (big misfit's class starts at 10 am and li'l misfit's class starts at 10:30 am)


  1. Wow that is the most amazing play area I have ever seen in a pre school! Your girls are so lucky. Is it a Montessori? The little boy was using something I recognize from when my kids were small.

  2. lucky girls! :) wish there's one like this here in Plm for my boy to go to.


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