Thursday, June 30, 2011

green rabbit bag

Lieve, my little customer, loooooves rabbit and the color green.  For her birthday, I designed this bag with a carrot pouch.  I hope you have a blast today, my little bunny!  And we wish you a very happy birthday to you!


welcome to the world, baby anya

Anya was born on Tuesday morning, a 3.97kg baby!!!  A very chubby, cute and all cheeks baby girl...I confess...I pinched her chubby cheeks a few times...can't help it :)...She was supposed to be born on the 1st of June but decided to come out I whipped these up quickly for her using my beloved linen cotton fabric.  I must admit I would looooove to have another baby (boy or girl...doesn't matter) but after thinking of all the detailed works behind raising a baby....I have to curb my anticipation :(.


Friday, June 24, 2011

they were princesses

for a day, at least...and they had so much fun!!!!  I'm so glad I did the make up package for them...after all, they're not going to be little princesses forever and I hope this will give them very fond childhood memories :).  

Princess Belle cried in the beginning, but enjoyed the whole session in the end.  Princess Aurora has always been happy from the beginning.  They were stars for a day...all eyes were on them...there were quite a few people asking to get pictures with them! There was even one incident when I've positioned them nicely at Tinker Bell's flowers and was ready to take some shots...when suddenly a bunch of Malaysian strangers took their positions and posed away....once they were gone...the princesses refused to be photographed :(....all my little hard work went to waste :D...

Princesses in the making :D

My two little Princesses

Top: people asking to take pictures with them. Bottom: The Malaysian group I was telling
you about hahahahahahha :) so funny


magically hot, humid and tiring....

But it was definitely my two little princesses' happiest days (literally) :).  We just got back last week from Hong Kong for a family holiday with my parents.  The first few nights we spent at Causewaybay and had a lot of good foods....I told my husband if I live in Hong Kong for too long, I'm sure I'll die soon due to over eating :D.  The last two nights we spent at Disney Hotel, it was a total chaos every morning until around noon, we couldn't get into our room until after 3pm.  It was magically expensive for sure :)...everything adds up, the shopping!  But it sure was a magical experience for the children....they had children kimonos, slippers and even their amenities are packed with the seven dwarves...their carpets had silhouette of mickey, minnie, goofy, donald, daisy and pluto.

Fun day 1 at Disney.  Little misfit cried when she was riding the cup :)

Breakfast with characters and fun day 2 at Disneyland
I will need to go back to sewing real soon...I just have to finish up a bunch of things I left behind at work (headache) and plus, Big M's birthday is coming soon, too! arghghghghghgh


Sunday, June 5, 2011

a weekend filled with laughters, friends and good foods

I love a weekend filled with close friends, good foods and lots of laughters :).  It was truly a beautiful day and may your home be filled with lots of happiness, love and blessings.

L-R, Top to Bottom: Mom and Daughter, the Pastor, The Owners
The little Guest, The "lucky" incident, The little Owner
Guests Cheering, The friends, the iKids


found: lace scarf

Today I went to Grand Indonesia's Level One Shops and I found these wonderful lace scarves!  I could not help but buy them!!! Ooooh the many wonderful outfits these would go :).

Wider scarf with pretty laces

Love this "white work" type of lace :)


remote control organizer

My dear friend was having a house warming party this past weekend and I asked her whether she needed anything else for her house?? Then she requested the remote control organizer.  Before I was able to sew, I've always wanted to buy one of this at Ikea but it was always sold out!  Finally, I gave up buying that I could sew, I've finally made one for myself in PINK :D...the cream colored one is for my friend.  I'm glad I can sew...I get to decide how many pockets I want on the organizer :D.


tissue holder pouch

My dear friend has been pestering me about this tissue pouch she's planning to give her Mother in law :).  She even bought the laminated fabric months ago for me to sew...but since she lives in Hang Zhou, I put it behind...UNTIL she finally arrived in Jakarta again :) so there I was this morning...finally finished with the homework :)


Friday, June 3, 2011

the fridge/storage

The children's fridge is finally done!  It's a tad bit too big...well, okay...maybe not a tad...but it is TOO big for them :), for now...I'm using it as a storage for some of their toys :D.


my butterfly and little crab

Today finally came and this morning, my little girls performed.  We were running a bit late, so Big M missed the little singing in the beginning...but she did the rest of her lion king act :).  On the other hand, Little M had a stage fright...she simply stood there on the stage....not moving :( hahahahhaa ow well...I love you made me so very proud :).  It was a very sad good-byes to the teachers :'(...I couldn't help but shed a little tear watching them...after all, they've been at Ismile since they were both 1.5 years and Big M is really close to her really is hard to say good bye...but such is life.  Thank you to everyone at's been a wonderful journey for both of my kids...they've certainly enjoyed their time there.

My stoned crab and her friends....the little sebastian was soooo cute!! She
moved and dance happily.  She's my college friend's daugter...small world :)

My little butterfly and her insect friends :D...mmmm her antennae was
a bit crooked :p

Ismile's swimmers :)



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