Sunday, June 5, 2011

remote control organizer

My dear friend was having a house warming party this past weekend and I asked her whether she needed anything else for her house?? Then she requested the remote control organizer.  Before I was able to sew, I've always wanted to buy one of this at Ikea but it was always sold out!  Finally, I gave up buying that I could sew, I've finally made one for myself in PINK :D...the cream colored one is for my friend.  I'm glad I can sew...I get to decide how many pockets I want on the organizer :D.



  1. ini lebih lucu dari punya ikea :D

  2. mbak lia pesen dong. pakai kain yg/mofifnya bunga2 yaaa..

  3. Oh, I love this as a project! Did you have instructions, or did you make it up as you went along? From New Zealand.

  4. mbak, pengin pesen deh yg ini. bisa kah? kalo bole, bisa sms ke nomer saya ya di 08122415707. saya tunggu bgt lho. btw, itu utk pemberat di sisi satunya spy ketika diisi remote ga melorot pake apa mbak? di lem di sofanya? tq mbak. -anie-


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