Thursday, December 31, 2009

a bag to move between bags

Last week, I've FINALLY found where they sell pvc fabrics here in Jakarta!!!! and I am SO VERY EXCITED!!!!!! Not only are they extremely cheap, they come in varieties of colors!!!! happy happy gal here :)...also found leather, which I will experiment later on :). Here's a bag I made for my mom...because between her and I, we have lots of bags...this little bag is for her to put all of her little belongings for when she move bags (i.e. wallet, glasses, phone, pens, etc). Enjoy, mom! I will post a little instruction later on...for now, wishing you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Oh...aren't we lucky....our friend, sent these lovelies yesterday...they really are delicious! Chocolate cupcakes with beautiful not too sweet icing...the cupcake is not too dry and not too moist, juuuust right :)

christmas gifts: travel quilts

I have two very lucky misfits....our family friend, a very talented lady, Bu Dien made these traveling quilts for my misfits. When you fold them, they look like lap pillows and when you open them...voila...blankets :).....I love these very inventive quilts :). They would surely be our family's little treasures :). Thank you, Tante! The misfits looove them :).

Friday, December 25, 2009

merry christmas

Wishing you a very Joyous Christmas, filled with happiness, laughters, friends, family and lots of love. We sure have them this year :).

Lia, Francis and the little misfits

Sunday, December 20, 2009

my "feel young" bag

Ok, it's actually just an excuse for me to make a bag out of the beautiful fabric from ink and spindle :). I forgot to take pictures of the inside...the lining is actually pretty good :) one of those souleiado fabric, and the pocket inside I used leftover scrap of the house fabric. I like the adjustable strap. I was finally had the courage to use those prong buttons (or whatever you call them)! Turns out they're quite easyto install and I love the effect of those buttons on the strap:D. So, thanks to the prongs, the strap is kinda adjustable. Since my dummy is short, I shortened the strap and asked my sister to model it for me :). This bag makes me feel in college student kinda young :p. Mr. F wants 1 too, now :).

Thursday, December 17, 2009

christmas gift wrapping idea

I'm into brown paper wrapping lately, the inspiration came from all those cool japanese stamp books...They like to stamp their brown papers and turn them into wrapping papers :). I've done a few of those too...but this time, I want to make it simple and tie it in a bow :). All you need is a looong piece of not too expensive fabric and sew it :). The other paper wrapping idea I got from my good friend Chia, who has been brilliant on recycling her daughter's art into wrapping paper :), I did just that...recycling misfits' drawing :p

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

flower pouch tutorial: a translation

I love this pouch so much...because it is so easy to make and it is extremely cute! Here is what you need:

* 2 pieces of square fabrics: this one was 10"x10" (small), the other one was 20"x20" (big)

* 2
pieces of strings: 29" (small) and 35" (big) --> this can be adjusted to your own style

1. Cut the 2 contrasting fabrics into your desired squares

2. Pin all around the 2 squares together (right sides together)

3. Sew all around the two fabrics (right sides together) and leave enough gap to turn the fabrics around - for the small one I did about 1/4" all around, for the bigger one I did about 3/8" all around
4. Cut the edges to reduce bulk
5. Turn the square (right sides out) and top stitch all around (approximately 1/8")

6. Measure from the edge of the corners 3" (small) or 6" (big) and fold

7. Stitch from the end of the folded corner to the other end 5/8" (small) or 6/8" (big)
8. Put in the 2 strings and voila...your own little flower pouch...easy, right? :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

flower pouch

Today, my very kind mother took the kids to the Mountain Villa (Puncak). I was supposed to go after work, but then hubby is too lazy to go, since he has to go back early in the morning the next day. So, we've decided to enjoy OUR moment :). I started with something easy but wonderful from a book I have just bought from yesasia! Yes, they've finally arrived in 3 packages and today, all 3 packages are here! YAYYYY. The book is in Japanese, ISBN 978-4-309-28116-2 and I totally love this very simple flower pouch :).

jump rope dress

Finally, I decided to finish this jump rope dress by Oliver+S. I started making the dress before I left Australia...1 month later....finally finished hahahahaha...been a bit lazy, because I had to ripped one of the pockets! and fixed little this and that...:). Turned out pretty nice...Mind my too big mannequin...The dress is too small for the mannequin. As I was sewing the button last night, Misfit woke up and saw it..and said...that's nice, Mommy....O, she made my night :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

a birthday gift

Finally I can post this here...It was my friend's birthday last weekend :). Today, I've finally given her birthday gift :)...It is a reversible smocked bag....Hope she likes it...or at least appreciate the effort ;) hehehehehehee. Happy Birthday, Chia!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

to market to market

Off to Brightspot market I is my 2nd time visiting the market. I found the wonderful Geulis' blue t-shirt and a white happy :) happy happy happy....O and mannequin is a child's size...that's probably why the shirt looks like a dress in the picture :p. I bought some more whiteboard journals and the shoes were from my first visit, by pla and I also ordered some proklamasi white shirts. I wish this kinda market happens every month :(.

i love cocomomo

My friend showed me this very talented lady's blog! She's Indonesian, living in Yogyakarta and I totally H E A R T her designs, her works, her everything! Quite excited to see so many talented Indonesians. Visit her blog, worth the click.

Friday, December 11, 2009

diamond smock tutorial

Not sure if this is actually called the diamond smock...but it has diamond shape :) hence I'd say it's the diamond smock :p....correct me if I'm wrong. It is quite easy to do. You just need a piece of polka dot material which you can smock to make a bag or anything you want :). Here's how you do it:

1. This is the diagram of how you should smock it. The needle should come out from 1 after you make a knot at the back, then go in to 2 and come out at 3, go in at 4 and come out at 5, go in at 6 and come out at 7 and go in at 8 and pull it strong and tie at the back

2. Do a couple of rows of this, alternating at the lower rows. Here are some pictures for your reference:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

Step 7:

Step 8:

supposed to be a lingerie bag

This was supposed to be for my friend....She wanted a lingerie bag for traveling. The combination was nice and all...the problem was on the material and stitching! Those materials sure are the hardest to sew! I broke 2 needles and my sewing machine's steel plate got broken!!!! arghghghghg....and the worst of all...the top stitching was horribly done...because of the zipper :(. I guess I'll have to make another one... :(


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