Sunday, December 20, 2009

my "feel young" bag

Ok, it's actually just an excuse for me to make a bag out of the beautiful fabric from ink and spindle :). I forgot to take pictures of the inside...the lining is actually pretty good :) one of those souleiado fabric, and the pocket inside I used leftover scrap of the house fabric. I like the adjustable strap. I was finally had the courage to use those prong buttons (or whatever you call them)! Turns out they're quite easyto install and I love the effect of those buttons on the strap:D. So, thanks to the prongs, the strap is kinda adjustable. Since my dummy is short, I shortened the strap and asked my sister to model it for me :). This bag makes me feel in college student kinda young :p. Mr. F wants 1 too, now :).


  1. u r absolutely right abt how sling bags make u feel (and look?) young :D I love it! Where did u get the fabric? It's so cute!

    thanks for sharing your wonderful works :) oh n thanks for visiting my blog + the lovely comments ;)

  2. oh, i love the fabrics - so cute! kindly inform on where i can get it (hopefully somewhere in jakarta) :D
    thank you :)


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