Friday, December 4, 2009

patched scarf

Ok...I know I live in the tropic with scorching summer heat and humidity all year round....but you see, I will be going to Japan for the quilt show this January! *yippee* so, I've decided to make an easy and simple scarf, it is about 143cm in total...I've seen scarves like this Japanese craft book, a lady in Australia was wearing it and all over blogland as well. So, I've decided to make one for me too :). I found the back fabric in my fabric stash...I think it's wool, because it's quite warm and fuzzy :) it at Cipadu market...very very very cheap...glad I've finally used it and I hope it holds up to the cold weather :p


  1. love the scarf! I can't decide if I like the pear fabric or mermaid fabric more. Great job!!!!!!

  2. Lia, this is a great scarf, nice and cheery for the cold weather in Japan.

    Thanks for visiting my giveaway, I hope you come back soon!

    All the best.

  3. I love the colors you chose - so bright and happy!!


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